Wuauclt not updating

Posted by / 29-Jul-2017 14:21

Wuauclt not updating

I think is a serious issue with quality control at Microsoft.

I think this is still an issue with the updates after the release date of Windows 2012.

This kind of client association to the WSUS groups is called client side targeting.

It is expected that our network will use two different update policies: one for servers (Servers) and another one for workstations (Workstations). The policy of using the WSUS server by its clients depends largely on the organizational structure of the Active Directory OU (organization units) and update installation rules in the company.

But with 2012/2012R2 this has caused me more wasted time because of all the bugs that aren’t fixed yet with the windows updates.With any luck your download should then begin and you'll be able to enjoy Windows 10.However, if that doesn't work there are some other work arounds.I know there are ways to automate this with System Center and auto install updates, but this takes time as updates are mostly installed during a maintenance window and if it takes me 4 install/reboots/checks, it takes 4 maintenance windows (so in most cases a few days) to update a newly installed system before i can configure the system. Shouldn’t it be the latest rollup and the post-rollup patches?– Most of the time i want to run all the updates, but i find myself pressing for time and configuring auto update to update during the maintenance window, i.e.

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Try to install WSUS on a not patched Windows 2012 server and find out you have to reinstall because of missing rights on the temp folder. If i let the system update itself during the maintenance window, it takes 4 days before the system is up to date, leaving bad guys 4 days to get exploit vulnerabilities!